Considering a Cloud Hosted Solution?

IT resource requirements and employee expertise continue to grow for small- to mid-size companies.  According to a 2014 report by Gartner only one in five midmarket CIOs believe they have the IT resources required to meet the demands of their business. Specifically, the IT leaders cite the lack of

  1. Internal staff and skills needed to execute all of their current IT priorities
  2. A lack of resources to support their IT environments effectively when projects are completed

Many companies continue to postpone capital expenditures and delay the replacement or upgrade of software and hardware as budgets are cut and senior management measures risk versus reward for IT improvements.  Thus, senior IT management must look to alternatives to support the enterprise.

Traditional cloud solutions from vendors such as Amazon, Rackspace and other niche players can add significant monthly cost for such services as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Disaster-as-a-Service, Application Hosting and a plethora of other cloud hosted solutions.

Businesses who elect to put some or all of their IT infrastructure and applications in the cloud gain the ability to easily scale (up or down) and reconfigure resources, all without the need to maintain and manage the hardware or hire additional staff.

Mid-Market Considerations

When considering a cloud hosted solution, mid-market or enterprise IT management leadership must consider Public or Private Cloud solutions as well as cost factors.  Many times, these organizations deploy a combination of Public and Private Cloud solutions.

Percentages of Public versus Private Cloud deployments for mid-market companies vary depending upon the survey.  But, the fact is, these organizations are leveraging Cloud Hosted solutions more often than not to support growth, replacements and the elimination of personnel who don’t have the requisite expertise required to support evolving technologies.

Small-Market Considerations

For small-market companies the choice is typically clear when they do not have the capital to purchase applications software.  They tend to go with a Public Cloud solution such as the Customer Relationship Management Application Hostingsolution.  This allows the company to avoid capital purchase of software and target hardware, deployment costs, customization costs and ongoing maintenance and support.

However, there are alternatives to Public Cloud solutions.  If the organization is concerned about ever increasing monthly expenses related to Public Cloud solutions or already owns the application but finds itself challenged to maintain the IT infrastructure the application runs on, they can look at Private Cloud vendors which can provide shared IT resources as part of their Application Hosting service.  Again, however, this approach can add significant monthly expense and increasing cost as the database for the application increases.

Now there is a choice.  Altitude Unlimited has developed a unique approach to storage in its Cloud Hosted solution set.  In particular, it’s Storage Area Network or SAN has been custom build rather than using industry leading solutions from such companies as EMC and NetApp.  The solution provides multi-tenant capability for security between users but at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

In addition to significant cost benefits for Application Hosting, Altitude Unlimited is able to price Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other Cloud Solutions well below market, perfectly suited for small-market requirements.

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